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TV Television Back Light 60" inches Cool White

SKU: INT-TVCW $36.95

Television (TV) Back Light LED Light Strips

Super bright and universal to fit almost any TV.  Relieve eye fatigue with this set of
LED lights to give your TV a great effect.   When you watch TV in the dark, your
 pupils constantly change from small to large 
depending on what is being shown
 on the screen.  This results in headaches and  migraines.  With a constant

light source behind your TV it lessens eye fatigue and less headaches.  Not to
mention it looks super cool!

directly into the wall outlet.

Here's what is included:


1 x AC Power plug to plug directly into a 110V wall plug.


1 x 60" inch strip of Blue LED lights


White, red, green, blue, cool white and warm white Light Sets all includes 3 flexible joints for right angles.

RGB Multi-colored LED Light set will come in one 60" inch long length.



Create your own custom lighting with LED tape strips. Pre-applied 3M adhesive attaches to almost any surface and the sealed design is impact resistant.   Once applying, you just plug in the strip and you are ready to go.



Longer life (50,000 hours) and much lower power consumption compared to rope lights or any other lighting

  • Cut lines on circuit board for creating miniature  segments
  • Impact resistant to use anywhere with 3M adhesive  backing
  • Super bright SMD  LED Back Light strip is made with Flexible PCB, low power consumption,  energy saving, durability, and long lifespan of LED lighting.
  • It is suitable  to install in channel letters or can be used as back lighting to replace  the cumbersome Neon lighting. It illuminates directly to the surface of  the channel letters and non-waterproof ones are suitable for indoor use  while waterproof ones are suitable for outdoor use,it is used to be the  following place
  • architectural  decorative lighting
  • cover lighting
  • accent lighting
  • border/contour  lighting
  • emergency &  security lighting
  • auditorium  walkway lighting
  • stairway, step  lighting
  • rounting,  marking
  • pool and spa  environment
  • backlighting for  signage letters
  • back lighting  for Televisions
  • Great for use as holiday lighting, indoor accent  lighting, indirect lighting... even in automotive applications!