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RPM Complete Package Light Bars and LED s

SKU: RPMALL $69.95

This listing is for a complete RPM Light Set and Light bars:

Included Light Bars
RPM Front Bumper Canister Set Choice of  #80982 or #80983
RPM Roof mounted Light Bar #80922 or $80923 or #80925
RPM Brake Light Set #81030

Here's the light set that is custom made that also comes with:
4 Ultra bright 3mm LED lights for the front bumper canister
6 Ultra bright 3mm LED Lights for the Top roof bar
2 Bright Red 3mm LED's for the rear brake assembly.

1 JST quick discconnector for the power switch and Roof Bar
1 Futaba Power plug to power the set

We've included the Futaba or JR plug to power up your light set directly from your receiver.  This will plug directly to your open 3rd channel aux slot.  When you turn on your vehice your light set will get full power.