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#25 NEW RC 1/10 Scale Police LED Light Bar kit with headlights and brake lights PL#4

SKU: PL4-25 $38.95

1/10 Scale Police Light Bar Kit

Includes the following:
1 Silver color light bar
*Front red and blue flashing leds with flashing modes
*Rear amber leds with flashing modes
2 White 5mm headlights with mounting bezels
2 Red 5mm brake lights with mounting bezels
2 Red/Blue Flashing Police LED Lights with bezels

6 Black heat shrink pieces
2 Momentary switches
1 9V battery connector
All necessary mounting hardware


The kit runs on a 9V battery making it easy to install anywhere. The light bar features blue and red leds in the front and yellow leds in the rear. Lights can be switched through 9 flash modes with the two supplied switches(1 for front and 1 for rear).

The two headlights and two brake lights are constant  while you can mount the two red/blue flashing leds in
the front grill or next to the front or rear leds.  These six leds will remain on when entire light set is powered on.

The dimensions of the bar are 4.5"x1"x1/4"