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Plug and Switch Combo Package #8 JR JST

SKU: PSCombo8 $6.99

Plug and Switch Combo Package #8

This package is designed to give you direct plug in power from
your 3rd channel aux port on your receiver to power our light sets.

The package includes:

1 x JR Male Plug
1 x JST Male and Female Plug


When ordering most of our light sets you can add on this package for total control.

No need for a secondary power source (9V) to power your light set.

Since our LEDs take such a low current you won't see any performance loss from your main battery.


The JR Plug will plug in direct to your AUX 3rd Channel on your receiver

The JST male and female plug is used as a quick disconnect plug so you can detach your body from the chassis



Check out our other Plug and Switch Combo Packages for different options.

FREE SHIPPING when ordering with any of our LED Light Sets

Please leave us a note if you'd like us to pre-wire this combo package to your light set before we ship.


Category:Switches, Plugs