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Arrma TALION 6s BLX- Painted Body with custom LED Light Set -AR406135 AR106030 1

SKU: BDY-ARMA-Talion1 $79.95 $59.95 You Save: 25%

This is a brand new Arrma TALION 6s BLX - Painted Body (Red LWB shell AR406135 AR106030 fitted with a custom light set done by RC Lighthouse.

This body is ready to run and had tons of lights. (This listing is for the body and lights only.  Vehicle is not included)

Front Lights:
6 x 3mm White Accent LEDs
2 x 5mm Blue Accent LEDs
2 x 10mm White Headlight LEDs

Rear Lights:
6 x 3mm Red Brake Light LEDs

Powered with a quick disconnect JST plug and a JR male plug to either plug into your receivers open 3rd channel.

This body is a one of a kind body and won’t last long. 

Contact me is you have any questions.

We currently have a ton of new bodies of various makes and models with pre-mounted LED light sets.  Please visit our ebay store and look under our, "Body" section.