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#02 Traxxas Ken Block Custom Light Set Fiesta

SKU: DLX-KenBlock $32.95 $26.95 You Save: 18%
Traxxas Ken Block Ralley VXL LED Light Set
for the Monster Fiesta Body
(Body or vehicle Not Included)
This light set has both front headlights and rear tail lights
that are super bright. 
Here's what's included:
2 x Super Bright 5mm White LED's
2 x Super Bright 3mm White LED's
2 x Bright 5mm Green LED's
2 x Bright 3mm Green LED's
2 x Huge Red 10mm LED's
2 x Super Bright 5mm Red LED's
1 x JR Male plug for direct plug in to your receiver
1 x JST Plug for a quick disconnect plug.
1 x Push button on/off switch.
We have Red, Green or Yellow Push button on/off switches
(Please designate which color switch you would like. 
Otherwise red will be included.)
That's 12 of our brightest LED's we carry with everything you need.
Just make the holes for the holders and secure your wires and off you go.
Futaba plug to plug directly to your open 3rd channel on your receiver
JST Quick disconnect plug so you can take your body
off and you can detach without messing with your receiver.
This is a one of a kind item and is not sold anywhere else on the internet!
Be one of the only ones out there with this custom set.
Other configurations can be made for this body.
We can do less or more LED's upon request.