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#03 Custom Light Set for Ford Fiesta

SKU: C-FFiesta3 $24.95
This listing is for a custom LED Light set specifically for the Traxxas Fiesta, LaTrax Body.
(Our set are however Universal, so they will fit models as large as 1/8th to 1/24th scale)
This listing is for the light set only.  The body is not included.  It is for demonstration purposes only.
This set is super bright and will make racing at night a hole new game.
Here's what's included:

2 Super Bright White 5mm LEDs
2 Super Bright  White 3mm LEDs
2 Super Bright Blue 5mm LEDs
2 Super Bright Blue 3mm LEDs

2 Extra big Red 10mm LEDs
2 Accent Red 5mm LEDs
All LED's come with real chromed holders for easy mounting.
Also included is a JR plug to draw power from your open 3rd channel on your receiver
JST quick disconnect plug for easy removal of your body from the chassis.
This LED Light set is truley unique and will add a whole new world to RC Racing.
This set is designed with a Blue Theme.
We can also do this exact set in:
All White headlights
Flashing White
Flashing Blue
Flashing Green
This set can also be combined with any of our other add ons.
Underbody Light Tubes
Underbody programmable Light Strips
Light Bars
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