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#17- Custom Police LED Light Set with working flashing light bar

SKU: DLX-17 $49.95

This is a custom made LED light set for a Traxxas Slash, SC10 or almost any SC RC truck.

One of a kind!    (Body Not Included.  For demonstration purposes only.)

Here's whats included:

Headlight LEDs:
2 x 5mm White Super Bright LEDs
2 x 10mm White Extra Large LEDs
Police Light Bar:
 1 x Police Light bar that strobes Red/Blue
Brake Lights:
4 x 5mm Red Super Bright LEDs
5 x 5mm Red Accent LEDs
JST Quick Disconnect Plug
JR Futaba Plug for direct plug in to your 3rd Channel Receiver Port

This is for the LED light set only.  Body is shown for demonstration purposes only. 
This set is universal, so it will fit almost any 1/10th vehicle.