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3528 LED Light Strips Amber

SKU: 3528-Amber $35.00

RC Underbody LED Glow Strips


2 x 6 inchs of LED Strips in Amber
3M Adhesive backing
A23 Battery Holder Included.  (12V A23 Battery not included)

These underbody LED glow strips are super bright.  They give a great glow under your
Monster truck, buggy or road car.  Easy to mount and makes your vehicle stand out.

Combine these LED strips to any of our LED light sets that we offer. 
Just make sure you leave us a note that you'd like us to prewire them together for you.

This item is also available in white, green, amber, RGB and blue.

Because of the electrical rating and resistors used, these light strips cannot be combined
with any other of our products.  They are 2x as bright as our light tubes, but because they do run on 
12V they cannot be combined with our other LED lights or other products.