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R10-1: 10 Key RF Remote Controller with 5050 RGB LED Strip Light

SKU: RGB-10key-RF-16 $39.95

This is a 10 key RF (Radio Frequency) wireless remote control. This allows you unlike it's close predecessor the IR (Infared) to work through walls and not needing a direct line of sight.   This remote used radio frequency so you can easily mount the power cord and receiver (which is not waterproof) out of site

Comes with an RF (Radio Frequency) wireless remote and receiver.  No need to mount a bulky IR receiver.  Works through walls so you don't need a line of sight like the IR remote co

What's included in this kit:

  • 1 x 20 key RF wireless remote control with color changing capability and different flashing and strobing modes.  Change from a cool subtle color change or a fast and vibrant strobe effect

How to install

  • This strip can be mounted in many places; best place for mounting the LED Awning light is just under the Awning lip that is fastened to sidewall of your RV.  This will allow the LED awning light to be hidden and protected with the awning when closed and revealed when the awning is in the open position. This is the most permanent, safest and easiest place to mount the awning light. When locating the light on the sidewall side of the unit it produces much better light and will not shine in your eyes while sitting under your awning.
  • Select the location where you want to mount the light, take in account how you want to get the 12 volt power to this strip. We suggest starting the wire end of the strip near your RV power source.
  • Clean the mounting surface with 3M adhesive promoter if possible, if not just use rubbing alcohol. Remove the 3M backer and install end to end along the awning extrusion. 
  • Remove the 3M backer from the LED strip, then apply.
  • Connect the Strip light wire lead to any 12V or 110v  switched source and enjoy your new LED Awning light for 50,000 plus hours.
  • Note: This is very easy for any DIY to do.