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#23 NEW RC 1/10 Scale Police LED Light Bar kit with headlights and brake lights PL#2

SKU: PL2-Bar23 $41.95

1/10 Scale Police Light Bar Kit

Includes the following:
1 Silver color light bar
*Front red and blue flashing leds with flashing modes
*Rear amber leds with flashing modes
2 White 5mm headlights with mounting bezels
2 Red 5mm brake lights with mounting bezels

6 Black heat shrink pieces
2 Momentary switches
1 9V battery connector
All necessary mounting hardware


The kit runs on a 9V battery making it easy to install anywhere. The light bar features blue and red leds in the front and yellow leds in the rear. Lights can be switched through 9 flash modes with the two supplied switches(1 for front and 1 for rear).

The two headlights and two brake lights are constant and will remain on when entire light set is powered on.

The dimensions of the bar are 4.5"x1"x1/4"